Orlando Travel Guide | Top Attractions, Travel Essentials, Tips & More

Why visit Orlando?

This theme park capital of the world is a tourist destination that must be on your bucket list. Florida’s Orlando has a zestful nightlife, luxury resorts, multiple restaurants to dine at, and places where you can shop your heart out.

Orlando travel essentials

Travel Essentials in Orlando

  • Language: English Language
  • Currency: U.S. Dollar | $
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time | EST
  • Country Code: +1
  • Socket Type: Type A & B
  • Emergency Numbers: 911 for all emergency services

Top 5 Orlando Travel Tips

Buy tickets online: Theme parks in Florida are quite famous and usually busy. Book your tickets in advance online. If you wait to reach the place and buy the tickets, you might not be able to enter the venue.

Carry sunscreen and stay hydrated: Temperature in Orlando can reach 22°C to 25°C. The sun’s heat can be scorching, especially during afternoons. Apply sunscreen before you step out and carry a water bottle.

Make reservations: This is an important tip, especially during the peak season. Make reservations to the restaurants you have in mind before visiting, otherwise, you will not get a table and might have to spend hours in queues.

Use public transport: Reduce your travel expenses by taking public transport, especially to the top theme parks in the city. It is the cheaper option when compared to private taxi services. Buses and I-Ride trolleys are the best options.

Explore Orlando: Orlando is not just theme parks. There is a lot in and around the city where you can visit and get the most out of your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling To Orlando

What are the best things to do and see in Orlando?

Orlando is known for its many theme parks. Expect to spend an entire day at each park. Orlando is also known for its nightlife. You should experience it at some of the best clubs in the city.

How much does it cost to visit Orlando?

For a single person, a 7-day trip to Orlando can cost around $2273. The price might increase, depending upon the different theme parks you visit and the kind of accommodation you choose.

What are the must-visit places in Orlando?

Walt Disney World Parks, Universal Theme Parks, SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove, Legoland Florida, Lake Eola Park, Orlando Eye, John Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, KSC museum, and Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge are some must-visit places in Orlando.

What is the best time to visit Orlando?

Orlando has a pleasant climate from September to November. These are popular among visitors as well, so you might see a lot of crowds. Avoid visiting in summer as the temperatures can be high.

What should I avoid in Orlando?

Photography and smoking are restricted in some places in Orlando. Beware of fraudsters selling tickets to top attractions. Only buy from official or reliable websites, and physically at the counter.