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Take a look at the stars of the show at Gatorland

A world of fascinating wildlife awaits you at Gatorland. From the iconic American alligator to rare white alligators and majestic birds, discover the diverse array of creatures that have found a home in this Orlando sanctuary. Explore their habitats and learn about their captivating stories.

Animals at Gatorland

Gatorland Animals


Discover a myriad of alligators at the renowned 110-acre preserve dubbed "The Alligator Capital of the World". Encounter over 2,000 American Alligators, including brothers Feros Zonbi and Trezo Je, two of the only 12 leucistic alligators known to exist in the world today. Don’t forget to pay a visit to albino counterparts like Cottontail, Moonshine, and YouTube sensation Pearl. The park also has a Baby Gator Marsh that houses hatchlings and juveniles.

Gatorland Animals


Who would have thought a gator park could be a birdwatcher’s paradise as well? Immerse yourself in Gatorland's rich avian ecosystem, where vibrant feathers and captivating calls await. Engage with playful Amazon Parrots, majestic Macaws, and charming Cockatoos at the Parrot Playground. Venture into the bustling Very Merry Aviary, where budgerigars flutter and Athena, the Great Horned Owl, reigns. Explore Flamingo Island's graceful residents and the vigilant Wood Storks, guardians of the alligators. In the tranquil Breeding Marsh, witness nature's spectacle as diverse bird species thrive in harmony, a captivating sight for bird enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Gatorland Animals


Look out for an enchanting encounter with Mochi, Boba, Chai, and Latte, the delightful Capybara residents of Gatorland. Join the Capybara Encounter at Flamingo Island, where these charming rodents swim, bask on the beach, and interact with waterfowl, turtles, and flamingos. Don't miss this chance to observe these friendly giants swimming, lounging, and mingling with other wildlife. Book early as spots fill quickly for this experience!

Gatorland Animals

Wild cats

Listen to the heartwarming stories of Jabari, Lomasi, Osceola, and Abiaka, the fascinating feline residents of Gatorland. From Jabari's adventurous spirit to Lomasi's journey from wild kitten to sanctuary, these remarkable animals showcase the park's commitment to wildlife conservation. These wild cats have even made friends with each other! Jabari and Lomasi were socialized with each other in 2017, and have been best friends since. Meet them at Bobcat Bayou and get ready to be mesmerized!

Gatorland Animals


Encounter the awe-inspiring crocodiles at Gatorland, distinguishable from alligators by their lighter skin and pointed snout. Journey to the Jungle Crocs Of The World℠ area to witness Nile, Cuban, Saltwater Crocodiles, and the reclusive American Crocodiles that are a recovering species in Florida. Make sure to visit Bonescrusher℠, the descendant of the legendary Bonecrusher℠. Explore the crocodile habitat and learn about these fascinating reptiles.

Snakes & Critters

Venture into the land of snakes and critters at the Gatorland Mile of Monsters, where you will come face-to-face with snakes, scorpions, toads, and lizards. Immerse yourself in the Up-Close Encounters Show, where you'll meet and learn about these captivating critters. In this thrilling experience, discover the diversity of Central Florida's four types of venomous snakes – the Eastern Coral Snake, the Florida Cottonmouth, the Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake and the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Gatorland Animals


The relationship between Gatorland and giant tortoises go way back to the late 1950s when founder Owen Godwin introduced Albert, a 400-pounder to the park. Tortoises are an important part of history and ongoing animal education at Gatorland. Explore the history of giant tortoises and meet Lucy, Dean, and Kendrick, impressive representatives of some of the world's largest tortoise species. offering guests a unique educational experience. Gatorland offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with these giants so make sure to enquire about the tortoise feeding times just beside the Gator Gully Splash Park while you’re there!

Things to keep in mind while interacting with the animals

  • Respect boundaries: Always adhere to designated areas and respect barriers set by staff to ensure the safety of both visitors and animals.
  • No feeding: Refrain from feeding the animals unless authorized by park staff. Human food can be harmful to animals and disrupt their natural diet.
  • Hands-off policy: Avoid touching or attempting to pet the animals unless permitted by trained handlers during designated interactive experiences.
  • Follow instructions: Listen carefully to instructions provided by staff regarding animal interactions and follow them closely to ensure everyone's safety.
  • Supervise children: Keep a close eye on children to ensure they do not approach or disturb the animals without supervision.
  • Photography etiquette: Take photos responsibly, avoiding the use of flash near sensitive animals and refraining from disturbing them for the sake of a picture.
  • Quiet observation: Observe animals quietly and from a distance to minimize stress and allow them to exhibit natural behaviors.
  • Report concerns: If you notice any unusual behavior or signs of distress in an animal, promptly inform park staff so they can address the situation.
  • Stay alert: Be aware of your surroundings and watch for any warning signs or signals from animals indicating discomfort or aggression.
  • Environmental conservation: Remember that Gatorland is a wildlife preserve; help protect the habitat by disposing of trash properly and avoiding any actions that could harm the animals or their environment.

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Frequently asked questions about the animals at Gatorland

What kinds of animals can I see at Gatorland?

Gatorland is home to a diverse range of animals including alligators, crocodiles, capybaras, birds, tortoises, snakes, and more!

Can I touch the animals at Gatorland?

For safety reasons, touching the animals is generally not permitted, but interactive experiences are available with trained handlers.

Are there any rare or unique animals at Gatorland?

Yes, Gatorland is home to rare white alligators, leucistic alligators, and other unique species like capybaras and giant tortoises.

Does Gatorland have capybara?

Yes, you can meet resident capybaras Mochi, Boba, Chai, and Latte at Gatorland’s Capybara Encounter.

Are there feeding opportunities for visitors?

Feeding opportunities are available for certain animals during guided experiences led by park staff.

Can I bring service animals to Gatorland?

Trained Service Animals are welcomed at the park. Animals that do not meet the definition of a Service Animal as defined by the ADA will not be permitted to enter the park. All service animals must be on a leash or in a harness and controlled at all times.

Can I take photos with the animals?

While photography is allowed, flash photography may be restricted in certain areas to ensure the comfort of the animals.

Are there educational programs about Gatorland’s animals?

Yes, Gatorland offers educational programs and presentations where visitors can learn fascinating facts about the resident animals.

What measures are in place to ensure the safety of visitors around the animals?

Gatorland adheres to strict safety protocols and has trained staff on hand to monitor both visitors and animals at all times.

Can I bring my pet to Gatorland?

For the safety of both your pet and the resident animals, pets are not allowed inside the park.

Are there opportunities to see the animals up close at Gatorland?

Yes, Gatorland offers various interactive experiences and encounters where visitors can get up close and personal with the animals under the guidance of knowledgeable handlers.