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Frequently asked questions about Gatorland

If you're planning a visit to the Alligator Capital of the World, you might have questions about your ticket options, how to get there, what to see, and more. Keep reading to find out the answers to the most common questions asked about Gatorland.


How do I book tickets to Gatorland?

You can book your Statue of Liberty tickets and tours online here.

What are the different types of Gatorland tickets available?

You can choose to get the skip-the-line tickets to Gatorland. You can also opt for a Go City Orlando All-Inclusive Pass or a Go City Orlando Explorer Pass where Gatorland is one of the attractions included.

Can I book Gatorland tickets online?

Yes, you can book Gatorland tickets online here.

How much are Gatorland tickets?

Gatorland tickets start from $26.61.

Are there guided tours available for Gatorland?

No, there are no guided tours available for Gatorland, but you can buy skip-the-line tickets to the park for a seamless experience.

How far in advance should I buy Gatorland tickets?

We recommend you buy your Gatorland tickets online at least a week in advance for a hassle-free trip to the park.

Can I buy last-minute tickets for Gatorland?

Yes, you can buy last-minute tickets for Gatorland online here.

What does the Gatorland ticket include?

A Gatorland skip-the-line ticket includes a single-day admission pass with free parking.

Attractions and Shows

What are the main attractions and shows at Gatorland?

Gatorland offers a variety of attractions and shows, including the Screamin' Gator Zip Line, Gator Jumparoo, and the Up-Close Encounters Show.

Are there any age restrictions for the attractions and shows?

While most attractions and shows at Gatorland are suitable for all ages, some, like the zip line, may have age or height restrictions for safety reasons.

How long do the shows typically last?

Show durations vary, but most last around 20 to 30 minutes, offering a compact, entertaining and educational experience for visitors.

Do I need to purchase separate tickets for each attraction or show?

General admission tickets include access to most attractions and shows.

Can I take photos during the shows and attractions?

Photography is allowed in most areas of Gatorland, including shows, but flash photography may be restricted to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals.

Are there any opportunities to interact with the animals during the shows?

Yes, many shows at Gatorland, such as the Trainer-For-A-Day and Up-Close Encounters, offer interactive experiences where guests can get up close to the animals.

What time do the attractions and shows start and end?

The starting and ending times of attractions and shows at Gatorland may vary, so it's best to check the park's schedule or inquire with staff for specific timings at the venue.

Are the attractions at Gatorland suitable for children of all ages?

Yes, Gatorland offers attractions and shows that cater to visitors of all ages, making it a family-friendly destination with plenty of entertainment options for kids.

Animals at Gatorland

What are the animals I can see at Gatorland?

Gatorland is home to a diverse range of animals including alligators, crocodiles, capybaras, birds, tortoises, snakes, and more!

Can visitors interact with the animals?

Some animals at Gatorland participate in interactive experiences, such as feeding encounters and educational presentations.

Are there any capybara at Gatorland?

Yes, you can meet resident capybaras Mochi, Boba, Chai, and Latte at Gatorland’s Capybara Encounter.

What species of animals are there at Gatorland?

Gatorland is home to a diverse array of animal species, including reptiles, mammals, birds, and more, providing visitors with a rich wildlife experience.

Can I see any baby animals at Gatorland?

Depending on the time of year, visitors may have the opportunity to see baby animals, as Gatorland participates in breeding programs and welcomes new arrivals.

Can visitors feed the animals?

Some animal encounters at Gatorland offer the opportunity for visitors to participate in supervised feeding experiences under the guidance of trained staff.

Are there any rare or unique animal species at Gatorland?

Yes, Gatorland is known for housing rare and unique animal species, including albino alligators, giant tortoises, capybaras and exotic birds, among others.

Cancellation & discounts

Are there discounts on Gatorland tickets?

Children under 12 years can avail admission tickets to Gatorland at a discounted price. Book your tickets here.

Can I cancel my Gatorland tickets?

While you cannot cancel the Gatorland tickets that you have booked online, you can use them any time within the stipulated date mentioned in the ticket while booking.

Are the Gatorland tickets refundable?

While the Gatorland tickets can be rescheduled, they can not be canceled and refunded.

Timings and best time to visit

What are the opening hours of Gatorland?

Gatorland is typically open from 10 AM to 5 PM daily. The last admission is at 4 PM.  

What is the best time of year to visit Gatorland?

The cooler months of late fall around November and spring which falls between March and May offer more comfortable temperatures for exploring the park, but Gatorland is open year-round for visitors to enjoy.

Are there any seasonal events or special shows at Gatorland?

Yes, Gatorland often hosts special events and seasonal shows, especially during holidays like Halloween and Christmas, providing unique experiences for visitors.

When is the busiest time at Gatorland?

Weekends and holidays tend to be busier at Gatorland, so for a quieter experience, consider visiting on weekdays or during the park's off-peak hours in the morning or late afternoon.

How long does it typically take to explore Gatorland?

The average visit to Gatorland will take around 4 to 5 hours, but you can easily spend a full day exploring all the attractions and shows at their own pace.

What is the weather like at Gatorland throughout the year?

Orlando experiences a subtropical climate characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. The months of January to April and September to November are the best times to visit Gatorland since the weather is typically mild.

Getting there

Where is Gatorland located?

Gatorland is located in Orlando, Florida.

Is there parking available at Gatorland?

Yes, Gatorland offers parking for guests, and there are ample parking spaces available near the entrance of the park for convenience.

How can I get to Gatorland?

Gatorland can be reached via bus, train, or car. 

How do I get to Gatorland from Orlando International Airport?

Gatorland is approximately 20 miles south of Orlando International Airport, accessible via Florida State Road 528 West and Florida State Road 482 West.

Can I take public transportation to Gatorland?

Public transportation options to Gatorland are limited. You can take the bus or train to the park. But taxis, rideshare services, and rental cars are a good option to use.

What is Gatorland’s address?

Gatorland is located at 14501 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837.

Can I walk to Gatorland from nearby attractions?

Walking to Gatorland from nearby attractions may not be feasible due to distance, but transportation options like taxis or rideshares are available.

Are there any shuttle services to Gatorland from popular tourist areas?

While Gatorland does not offer shuttle services, some hotels may provide transportation options to the park for their guests.

Is Gatorland accessible by bike or foot?

Gatorland is primarily accessible by car, and biking or walking to the park may not be practical due to limited pedestrian infrastructure and busy roads.

Are there any landmarks near Gatorland to help with navigation?

Gatorland is located along South Orange Blossom Trail (US Highway 441), with notable landmarks nearby including The Florida Mall and Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets.


Are the attractions and shows wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Gatorland is wheelchair accessible, and we provide accommodations to ensure all guests can enjoy the attractions and shows comfortably.

Is Gatorland wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Gatorland is wheelchair accessible, with paved pathways throughout the park and wheelchair rental available on-site.

Are there designated parking spaces for guests with disabilities?

Yes, Gatorland provides designated parking spaces for guests with disabilities near the entrance for convenient access.

Is there accessible seating at the shows and attractions?

Yes, Gatorland offers accessible seating options at shows and attractions to accommodate guests with disabilities.

Are there attractions at Gatorland for guests with mobility challenges?

Yes, Gatorland has an accessible zip line apart from accessible seating at shows and attractions.

Can you bring service animals inside Gatorland?

Yes, trained service animals are welcome inside Gatorland to assist guests with disabilities.

Are there wheelchairs available at Gatorland?

Gatorland lets you rent wheelchairs at $11 for push wheelchairs and $27 for electric ones. 

Visitor information

Can I bring my own camera or recording equipment?

Yes, guests are welcome to bring cameras and recording equipment to capture memories during their visit, but commercial photography may require prior authorization.

Are there age or height restrictions for certain attractions?

Some attractions at Gatorland may have age or height restrictions for safety reasons, so it's advisable to check the requirements before planning your visit.

Can I purchase souvenirs at Gatorland?

Yes, there are gift shops located throughout the park where visitors can purchase souvenirs, merchandise, and gifts to commemorate their visit to Gatorland.

Food and drinks

Are there food and beverage options available near the attractions and shows?

Yes, Gatorland offers dining options and snack bars conveniently located near attractions and shows, allowing visitors to enjoy refreshments during their visit.

Can I bring outside food and drinks into Gatorland?

While outside food and drinks are not permitted, Gatorland has dining options and snack bars available inside the park where visitors can purchase refreshments.

Are there dining options available at Gatorland?

Yes, Gatorland offers several dining options ranging from casual snacks to full meals, ensuring guests have plenty of choices during their visit.

Are there vegetarian or vegan food options available?

Yes, Gatorland offers vegetarian and vegan options at select dining locations.

Are there gluten-free options available for those with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Gatorland provides gluten-free options at some of its dining establishments.

Can I purchase alcoholic beverages inside the park?

Yes, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at designated areas within Gatorland like at Snack Shack.

Are there kid-friendly meal options available?

Yes, Gatorland offers a variety of kid-friendly meal options to cater to younger visitors.

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